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House 45

Private detached house 

The project was a renovation of a 19th-century villa in the countryside of Reggio Emilia, which had been ruined by changes made to the original layout of the rooms, which was a central hall surrounded by four other spaces. The renovation enlarged the central hall so that it hovered near the perimeter. The project created a play on volumes, which became solid, commanding pieces of furniture. The staircase appears and disappears in a criss-cross of defined planes created by solid, white metal railings and flooded by light coming from above. The spaces are bright and elegant thanks to the flooring in the authentic “terrazzo alla veneziana” technique, which restored the 19th-century home to its former beauty.

Place: Reggio Emilia

Customer: private

Year: 2007-2009

Mq: Lot 4900mq – Building 550mq

Phases: Concept, design, model and 3D rendering, technical drawings, interior design, landscape design, permits, site supervision, project management, construction and trade worker management