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Children’s clothing store

SAND is a children’s clothing store located in the city’s historic center. The client requested a concept that would evocate feelings of tenderness and softness, which would match the nature of the collection on display. Therefore, we chose to play with sand itself, with its color and texture. The store is located below street level and shop windows. This difference in height inspired the design of a continuous piece of furniture arranged to display clothes on several levels giving a sense of continuity between the sidewalk and the indoor space. The windows are not a strong threshold but a soft connection between the space inside and the city outside, which makes the store appear larger. Reminders of far-off seas or remote worlds are displayed inside openable glass boxes offering an exhibition space that can vary from season to season.

Place: Reggio Emilia

Customer: Private

Year: 2012

Mq: 80

Phases: Concept, design, technical drawings, interior design, permits, site supervision, project management.