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The Oak House

Private detached family home. 

Design and construct a family home facing onto a 100-year-old oak tree in the back garden. The façades facing the garden are filled with windows so the tree can be seen from every room, while the other sides of the house are shielded for the family’s privacy. We listened to our client’s needs, studied the property and chose a modern, minimalist design to create a neutral, white building that would contrast harmoniously with the natural surroundings and highlight the age of the tree. The house is built in brick, cladded with insulation and painted white. The privacy wall is in unpainted concrete.

Place: Correggio Italy

Customer: private

Year: 2006-2010

Mq: 1200 lot – 450 building

Phases: Concept, design, model, technical drawings, interior design, landscape design, permits, site supervision, project management, construction and trade worker management.