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Porta Santo Stefano

Urban renewal of Porta Santo Stefano in Reggio Emilia

The center of Reggio Emilia is a large hexagon delineated by ancient fortified walls and split into two sections from west to east by the Via Emilia, an old Roman road. This urban renewal project involved a non-descript green area at the western end of the historic centre, “Porta Santo Stefano”, which had lost its historical and symbolic value as the city’s western gate. The project was commissioned by the City to rehabilitate this pedestrian/vehicle entrance to the center. On one side, the crossed square is marked by a dynamic breakdown of the pavement into transversal stripes with different fabrics that “slip” into the adjacent park bringing bystanders with them into a wide perception of the place. On the other side, the theme of the park triggers perceptive connections with the theme of the square through two grassy parterres on inclined planes that delimit the passageway and serve as perceptive-visual indicators of the city’s entranceway. The two bastions in reinforced concrete recall the ancient city walls, which were the northern and southern boundaries of the Via Emilia

Place: Reggio Emilia

Customer: Comune di Reggio Emilia

Year: 2007-2008

Mq: 15.000mq

Phases: Concept, design, technical drawings, landscape design,permits, site supervision, project management