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Lombardini Company Headquarter

Office Building 

This project was a restyling and refitting of the company’s head office, an office building and an atrium linking the two structures to improve its appearance, climate control and energy saving. The long horizontal protruding section of the building, with its rhythmic spans is an expression of poetic 1970s architecture, which the renovation work respected, highlighting the “purism” of the horizontal protrusion and the windows. The head office building received a more decisive restyling which gave more power and visibility to the street-facing façade through high-impact vertical and horizontal elements. The connecting atrium creates a perceptual-spatial link between the two buildings and functions as a new, modern and elegant entrance to the company.

Place: Reggio Emilia

Customer: Lombardini-Kohler Company

Year: 2008

Mq: 4000

Phases: Concept, design, model and 3D rendering, technical drawings, landscape design.