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Agriturismo La Razza

Holiday Farm and Golf Course

The Agriturismo and Golf Course is part of a wider renovation program of country house heritage with the aim of protecting the environment and respecting the historical-typological memory. The project is composed of 2 sections: the renovation of the farmhouse aimed at keeping the structural and  ypological characteristics of the building unchanged and an enlargement on the same axis with a variation of the tilt of the pitch. The double nature of the project communicates with the territory, ultimate subject, and follows the two different vocations: the farmhouse welcomes the guests in its rooms radiating memories of rural life thanks to materials such as stone and wood whereas the new part, dedicated to support activities, attracts attention thanks to its simple but rigorous volumetry enhanced by the plastered face which counterbalances the richness of the existing materials.

Place: Albinea, Reggio Emilia

Place: Albinea, Reggio Emilia

Customer: Private

Year: 2002-2005

Mq: Lot 50.000mq – Building 1.200mq

Phases: Concept, design, technical drawings, interior design, landscape design, permits, site supervision, project management, construction and trade worker management