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Kaifan Neighborhood

Design of landscape and urban planning. 

Kaifan is one of the most important neighborhoods in Kuwait City and the client requested the design of a new image and a new and unique urban set. The preliminary project focused on the concept design of the landscape and hardscape of Kaifan’s streets, gateways, roundabouts and central square. The aim was to create recognition, a symbolic identity and a sense of belonging to Kaifan through strong architecture, aesthetics and contemporary images. The goal was to take the area from a monochromatic, flat and anonymous landscape – that was typical of urban zones in the desert – to a new landmark thanks to a contemporary image that triggers perceptive, functional and attractive gradients. The Kaifan Urban Renewal Project became a prototype to be used in other neigh-borhoods of Kuwait City.

Place: Kuwait city

Customer: Al Yasra Group

Year: 2010-2012


Phases: Concept, design, landscape design, technical drawings.