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Eco 8

International Design Competition – 1 prize

The future of Kuwait depends on its complex transition from dependence on petroleum to a green economy while maintaining and strengthening its leadership role in the Gulf area. The present Kuwaiti landscape is clearly divided between urban areas and undeveloped desert areas dotted with oil fields, although there are a few “green” exceptions, such as Al-Wafra.This configuration will eventually become a new agri-urban reality. For example, the Burgan oil field, which will become obsolete once the oil wells dry up, is being redesigned as an “Energy Core City” and will be the leading feature of 2061 Kuwait supplying the entire country with renewable zero-carbon energy. A new belt of experimental farmlands will be created between Burgan and Kuwait City. The goal is to convert defunct oil fields into sources of Green Economy. The primary unit of this new town will be the “Solar Wing”, a high-performance structure that turns solar radiation into electric energy while sheltering the residential tower below. The power grid will also benefit from geo-thermal cooling wells housed in former drilling wells that will exploit the existing infrastructure of pathways and pipelines.Place: Kuwait city

Customer: @SSHDesignClub

Year: 2012


Phases: Concept, design, model and 3D rendering, landscape design, technical drawings