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White apartment

Restoration and interior design of an apartment in a farm house. 

This project was the renovation of a 150-meter top-floor apartment with a mansard ceiling in a farm house. The rustic feel of the space was modernized by painting the ceiling and walls white. Then white, 3-D elements and geometrically defined spaces of varying volume – a sort of architecture within the architecture -were added to create the feel of a stage set. All the main parts of the home – kitchen, bathroom, piping, fireplace, etc. – are housed within these dramatic white containers. This is the perfect backdrop to exalt the colors of the family’s personal effects and the 360° view of the countryside that can be seen through the apartment’s thirteen windows

Place: countryside of Reggio Emilia

Customer: private

Year: 2007

Mq: 150

Phases: Concept, interior design, permits, site supervision, project management, construction and trade worker management