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Actor’s apartment

Renovation of an apartment in a historic building.

Renovation of a two 50 m2 floor flat in a historical building in the city centre. The main floor with coffered ceiling was turned into a living area with a closet and a bathroom whereas the sleeping area was made in the lowered barrel vaulted lounge downstairs, whose access is from the inner garden. The backdrop, as a huge curtain made of weathering steel, comes down from the antique ceiling, cuts the in-between vaulted floor stretching over the two areas at full height. On the wall and its dematerialization is the ‘slender’ and slightly bent sheet iron staircase, as a fragment communicating with another weathering iron structure: a long bench with changeable thickness to be used as a bookshelf and step to access the garden located at a higher level.

Place: Reggio Emilia

Customer: private

Year: 2002

Mq: 110

Phases: Concept, technical drawings, interior design, furniture design, permits, project management, construction and trade worker management