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The little house

Private semi-detached house 

The assignment was to demolish and rebuild a house while maintaining the same shape and position; which was a 6 x 10 x 6 m parallelepiped with varying façades standing in a courtyard. The objective was to augment the amount of interior natural lighting despite the building’s unfavorable orientation. This was achieved by simplifying the design, the layout and the materials used. The walls are ice-colored plaster, the roof is sheet metal and the openings are “out of proportion”; such as the 5-meter-high door and the narrow 5-meter-long window. The hierarchy of interior spaces was reversed: the daytime area is on the top floor, where the entire space captures the light coming from a skylight, while the nighttime area is located on the ground floor with a full-height hallway.

Place: Arceto (RE)

Customer: private

Year: 2001-2003

Mq: Lot 190mq – Building 120mq

Phases: Concept, design, model, technical drawings, interior design, permits, site supervision, project management, construction and trade worker management